31 December, 2008

One of our favorite gifts this year

‘Twas the Night After Christmas
‘Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the pen
Not a creature was stirring, not even a hen
The postcards were hung on the plywood with care
In hopes that Demeter soon would be there
Machu was nestled all snug in her bed
While visions of pigeons danced in her head
Tall She without kerchief and Short She without cap
Had just settled down for a brief winter’s nap
When out on the gravel, there was a loud crunch
And Tall She jumped from the bed, quite ready to punch
She ran past the dog and startled the cat
And gazed out the window to see “What was that?!”
The moon and the stars shone brightly that night
So the flagstone and water feature glowed almost white
Then what to her wondering eyes should appear
Than Demeter and Persephone in the wrong hemisphere
Short She emerged and asked, “Hey gals, are you lost?”
The Goddesses responded, “We’re here for your frost.”
Frost on the patio or frost on the coop?
The mere mortals thought, “We are out of the loop.”
For what could fair Greeks want with hard dew?
They pondered and wondered while the cold wind still blew
Come visit our chickens,” was all they could say
For that was the fall-back position each day
Demmy and Perseph politely obliged
To visit the hens as they roosted inside
Three eggs of three colors had magically appeared
Like the fabled three kings, only smaller, without incense or beards
“Our Boxing Day gift,” the hens chuckled with glee
Only Demeter understood and replied, “I hope one is for me.”
Perseph, on a mission, would not be denied:
“We are here for the frost that is on the inside”
The women, perplexed, welcomed them in
Picholine meowed in delight with a chatty cat grin
As the She’s enjoyed this rare privilege
Persephone bee-lined for the large fridge
She opened the freezer in search of the frost
While Demeter found glasses, and prepared to get sauced
The scent of autumn lemons soon filled the air
Demeter said to the women, “Drink with us if you dare.”
The mortals joined in and the deities laughed:
“We love limoncello, by the bottle or glass”
Soon dawn started to break on a new winter day
Demeter whisked the bottle and Persephone away
Then the goddesses floated off to the west with a loud joyous call:
“Limoncello for everyone, and happy new year to all!”

Story concocted in late December, 2008, by Mary for Cecile and Jesse. Happy Holidays!

29 December, 2008

Thx, Kass!

There was a man who loved a chicken,
and fearful that the bird might sicken,
he kept it in a plastic cube,
and fed the chicken through a tube.

-- Gerda Rovetch

24 December, 2008

Oh Joy!

From us, from our beloved birds, and also from the furrier members of the family ... to the hardy few who read Poultry Guests: Joyous Noel! With more poultry flavor (eeks!) but celebrating a different season, enjoy this too.

23 December, 2008

What was that PPT event J, M, and C went to?

Watch this all the way through the Q&A. Did you ever imagine that poultry would bring you so much joy?

17 December, 2008

An update for Mary

We're finally in the egg business, getting two almost every day. It takes less than a week to make an omelet now. Rahoo!