29 August, 2008

Teaching and learning

The first bird to be comfortable with us was Buffy the Vampire Layer, shown here taking olives off Jesse's hand. Although the Araucana (that'll be another post) that OK Feed netted clearly had a feather problem, we decided to bring her home anyway. She'd been pecked in the big pen and had a bare spot. This photo's taken only a few days after these poultry guests arrived, and you can see that new feathers are already coming in.

Many weeks ago ...

we decided to grow eggs. This required a coop. What we found on Craig's List had to be cut in half before we could bring it home. It took weeks to get ready: friends and neighbors to muscle the beast to the ground, Jesse's bright paints and puns, marigold blessings from Jen and Kathy. We had to be sure that Betty liked the colors and that there would be enough nests and a place to store the accoutrements des poules. On 14-Aug-08, four chickens came to live in our backyard. They are a Buff Orpington, a Barred Plymouth Rock, a faux Araucana, and a Rhode Island Rhed. We hope they're all hens, but the RIR seems 'different' somehow. This blog will share our adventures with these poultry guests. Tally ho!